All Things Japanese


After a very enjoyable day at the Who Do You Think You Are? Live event yesterday, today I immersed myself in Japanese culture at Earl’s Court, which was great fun!

The Hyper Japan event featured stalls selling all sorts of things related to Japanese culture, many of them focusing on Manga and Anime, but also clothes and accessories.  No one does tiny cute things quite like the Japanese!  I almost bought myself a pair of tabi socks (with a separate section for your big toe), but resisted, and a bag made out of recycled kimonos (again, I resisted).  Instead I fell for some beautiful blue and white rice bowls – probably a more practical option.

The people attending the event were almost more interesting to look at than the merchandise on offer.  Quite a few of them had come dressed in Manga/Anime costumes, presumably those of their favourite characters, and they were happy to pose for the camera.  It was a bit disconcerting to see a huge Pikachu (pokemon) walking around, not to mention people with enormous wigs, but it was fun.  I think I’d like a blue wig too!

The main attraction for us, however, was the wonderful food.  There were stalls selling everything from yakisoba (fried noodles) to octopus balls (bits of octopus with dough around them and fried as little balls) and green tea ice cream, so we had a lovely lunch.  The Japanese don’t just cook tasty food, it also looks nice, like the little “guy” made out of mochi and a strawberry – so cute.

I’m now wishing I was in Japan for real – Tokyo in the spring is the best!


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