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The new year is already almost two weeks old – how did that happen?  I’ve spent most of that time in the garden picking up piles of leaves (which should have been picked up back in November as they are now very soggy and exctremely heavy!), or at least it feels like it.  My muscles are telling me that writers weren’t meant for such heavy lifting, but the fresh air and excercise serve to counter-balance my chocolate intake I hope.

To start the year off, my second Regency novella Once Bitten, Twice Shy was released on Kindle last week with a lovely new cover in lilac (my favourite colour, as you’ve probably gathered by now).  Here is the blurb:-

“Once was more than enough!”

Jason Warwycke, Marquess of Wyckeham, has vowed never to wed again after his disastrous first marriage, which left him with nothing but a tarnished reputation and a rather unfortunate nickname ? ‘Lord Wicked’.

That is, until he sets eyes on Ianthe Templeton …

Ianthe lives in the shadow of her beautiful twin sister, Serena and longs to escape the “mindless entertainments” she is forced to endure in London. She soon finds herself captivated by the enigmatic Wyckeham and tempted by his promises of a new life in the idyllic English countryside …

But can Wyckeham and Ianthe overcome the malicious schemes of spiteful siblings and evil stepmothers to find wedded bliss? Or will Wyckeham discover, all too painfully, that the past has come back to bite him for a second time?

Another Kindle release which has received a make-over is the Choc Lit Love Match short story anthology, which includes my story Sweet Beginnings. I love the new look, very stylish indeed!

And it’s not long now till the official publication day on 7th February for the paperback of The Gilded Fan!  There will be some competitions and Twitter fun to mark the occasion.  In the meantime, as I mentioned, it’s already available on Kindle.

Now, it’s back to the grindstone for me, as I’m hard at work on the sequel to Trade Winds and Highland Storms


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