Mini Tour of Sweden – Part 2

Bedside Light No 1

Driving more or less straight inland from Kalmar, you enter the huge forests of Småland, the county I grew up in.  We were heading for a particular area which is known for its glass factories, such as Kosta/Boda and Orrefors.  Sadly a lot of them are now closing down, but Kosta/Boda is still going strong and that was our destination.

Bedside Light No 2

We were to stay in the Kosta/Boda Art Hotel, an amazing place with glass absolutely everywhere – somewhat scary for someone who is as big a klutz as I am!  But I managed not to break anything, despite the fact that even our bathroom sink was made of glass.  The hotel bar was entirely made out of blue glass, so pretty, and there was a swimming pool with glass sculptures at the bottom.  I could have happily stayed in there for days!

The following day we had a signing at the local bookstore, where yet again the staff were brilliant (and I was able to relax and speak my own dialect of Swedish with them too :-)).  After some browsing in the glass shop (of course), we then set off on our travels once more.  This time we were going to a place called Tylösand, which is just outside the city of Halmstad on Sweden’s west coast.  The fabulous Hotel Tylösand is situated right next to the beach and I would love to go back during the warmer season as you can literally go straight outside and into the sea – perfect!  The hotel also has an amazing collection of photographic art (by, among others, Terry O’Neill) everywhere so it’s like walking around an art gallery.  And it’s part owned by Per Gessle, half of Roxette, one of my favourite Swedish bands.

We took part in an afternoon tea event on the Sunday, together with an array of Swedish authors.  Their books were diverse and it was great to get to know them and find out more about their work.  Sadly, that was it for this time, but we hope to go back to Sweden very soon!

Stort tack till alla!

PS. Forgot to add that in Halmstad I met up with a friend I hadn’t seen for nearly 40 years – it was amazing!  Thank you so much for coming to the event Annika 🙂

Glass bathroom!

Amazing Blue Glass Bar

Signing at Kosta/Boda Book Shop

My fave Swedish food - chocolate kisses

View from Hotell Tylösand

Literary wraps for tea (!)

Me and my friend Annika


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