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As a child, I adored fairy tales and any story with a “happy ever after” (HEA) ending and I still love them to this day.  I grew up in Sweden listening to tales about fairies and trolls, witches and gnomes, elves and princesses.  Living next to the deep dark forests and lakes that abound in Scandinavia, it was all too easy to imagine that these creatures were real.

Now I write the fairy tales myself, albeit slightly more grown-up versions, and the HEA still rules.  I hate books with sad endings and have been known to sneak a look at the last page of a novel before buying it, just to make sure it doesn’t end in tears.  Life in the 21st century is just too full of depressing news – when I read, I want to escape to a world where everything comes right in the end and I hope you agree with me.

After a fairly non-eventful childhood in Sweden, my father was suddenly offered a job in Tokyo, so at the age of sixteen I moved with my family to Japan.  To a girl from a very small rural town, this was a huge shock, and it took me a while to adjust.  Once I did, however, I absolutely loved it and had the most wonderful time!  Japan is an amazing country and I fell in love with everything about it.  Although I was only there for three years, the impact this had on me was enormous, and when it came to writing, I simply had to set my first book somewhere in the Far East.  I couldn’t neglect my roots entirely though, so in the end, “Trade Winds” turned out to be a combination of both.

I have been lucky enough to go back and visit Japan on several occasions.  To read more about this and to see some photos from my travels, please click here.

Naturally, my favourite things to do are reading and writing, but I also love history, archaeology (the armchair variety) and genealogy, and have been researching my ancestors for over 25 years now.  If you know anyone by the name of TAPPER or CLINKER, please tell them to get in touch with me, I’d love to swap notes.  I am a member of the Society of Genealogists and the Guild of One Name Studies (I am also a great bore on the subject of family trees, or so my family tells me).

More importantly, I am also a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association, which is a wonderful organisation without whom I wouldn’t be published.  In addition, I belong to The Historical Novel Society, which is dedicated solely to authors and readers of historical novels, my favourites.

My other great passion in life (apart from my family of course) are dogs – it’s my ambition to one day own at least eleven of them, but so far I have only managed three and (if you ask my long-suffering husband) they are more trouble than a barrel-load of monkeys, so we’ll see if I succeed in this particular quest.

Christina's Dogs by Jessamy Fenton 2006

Christina's Dogs by Jessamy Fenton 2006

I like to relax by playing very loud rock music – I watch my favourite TV channel Kerrang almost every day while cooking (which I’m rubbish at) and love discovering new bands.

I divide my time between London and Herefordshire (where I’m indulging my latest obsession of wanting to grow things, even though I definitely don’t have green fingers – quite the opposite!).  I get the best of both worlds, the busy city life when I feel like it and the peace and quiet of the countryside when I need that.  Perfect!  Check out my blog from time to time for news of talks, book signings and other events I’m attending, and I’ll keep you posted.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this site!

Best wishes,