The Sailing Ship Götheborg


The "Götheborg" moored at West India Dock in London

The original East Indiaman “Götheborg” was built in 1738 and made three journeys to China, two of which were very successful.  The third one, however, ended in disaster.  On 12th September 1745, the ship ran aground just outside Gothenburg, right in front of all those who were waiting expectantly for its return.  Fortunately no one was killed and some of the cargo was rescued, but it was still a terrible shame when they were so close to their goal after having been away for more than two years.

The investors at the time can’t have been very pleased, but thanks to this accident, modern day shipbuilders were able to build the replica.  This was done using traditional methods and the same raw materials as the original ship, although the new “Götheborg” contains modern equipment for navigation, cooking and so on, things a 21st century crew couldn’t do without.

I really enjoyed going onboard to look around. Here are some photos of my visit to the ship:-

Gotheborg Stern

The aft, beautifully decorated with carvings

Christina on the Gotheborg

Me standing on the sundeck

Gotheborg figurehead

The figurehead, a rampant lion