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Travel Destinations – Liz Fenwick

Liz pic 2As everyone probably knows by now, Japan is one of my all-time favourite places in the world to visit. To celebrate the e-book publication of my new novel The Jade Lioness, I’ve asked some of my fellow authors to tell me what their favourite exotic (or not so exotic?) travel destinations are and to recount some of their travel tales (good or bad!).  To start us off, here’s Liz Fenwick who agrees with me:-

I think I have travelled more than your average soul and seen some of the world’s most beautiful places.  But I have to confess I hadn’t longed to go to Japan (or if I’m honest it might have been the fear of the food).  I’m not sure why but maybe it was just too far from my imaginings.  However, fate thankfully intervened when one of our closest friends invited us to his wedding in Kyoto.

Liz pic 1I had no idea what to expect … and I came away enchanted and wanting more … except for the food. I’m not a huge fan of raw anything – let alone fish or even chicken.  Mark’s beautiful fiancée Yumi took us to her favourite restaurant in Gion (the old Geisha district) and threw me in at the deep end with a dish of minced seasoned raw chicken.  I will admit that it was delicious but my mind wouldn’t let me do more than taste it.

Liz pic 3The long weekend passed in a blur of beauty and culminated in a stunning wedding held in a temple followed by a feast that I will never forget – filled with more raw food exquisitely presented.  I survived the meal, but as you can see from the picture … at times it was a challenge.

I’m looking forward to another opportunity to visit Japan, but in the meantime Christina’s books are the next best thing to a visit and I don’t have to eat the food!!

Thank you, Liz!  I love everything about the Japan so I’m glad you enjoyed it (apart from the food – we’ll have to work on that!).  Gion and the city of Kyoto are absolutely beautiful and well worth a visit.

Liz coverLiz’s own wonderful books are set in Cornwall, another stunning place, and her latest one is Under a Cornish Sky.

Please come back tomorrow to hear from Janet Gover.