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Never Too Late and GOD JUL!

NEVER TOO LATE_Kindle 300dpiToday my fourth Regency novella, Never Too Late, is released on Kindle – a sort of early Christmas present for me and just in time to help me celebrate Swedish Christmas!  Here’s a little bit about it:-

Can true love be rekindled?

Maude is devastated when the interference of her strict father prevents her from eloping with Luke Hexham. It is not long before she is married off to Edward, Luke’s cousin – a good match in her father’s eyes but an abhorrent one to his daughter.

Eight years later, Edward is dead. Maude, now Lady Hexham, is appalled to find his entire estate is to go to Luke – the man she still loves – with no provision for either herself or her young daughter.

Luke has never forgotten Maude’s apparent betrayal, but he has the means to help her. Maude doesn’t want his charity, but agrees to stay as his paid housekeeper.

Soon Maude and Luke realise that perhaps it is never too late for true love. But, even after eight years, there is still somebody who would stop at nothing to keep them apart …

RegencyCollectionAnother lovely surprise is that my other three Regency novellas – Marry in Haste, Once Bitten Twice Shy and Desperate Remedies – put together as a collection, are currently #1 in the Amazon UK Regency Kindle chart!  I think I’d better go and celebrate with some chocolate … God Jul everyone, I hope you’re having a great day too!


New Releases

I can’t believe summer is almost over and we’re into September already!  I’ve had lots of guests, so not much time for writerly things, but they’re all gone now and normality is about to return.  Some news from me:-

Today has been a busy day!  First of all, my Regency novella Marry in Haste was published on Kindle with a lovely new cover in my favourite colour purple.  Here is the blurb:-

‘I need to marry, and I need to marry at once!’

When James, Viscount Demarr confides in an acquaintance at a ball one evening, he has no idea that the potential solution to his problems stands so close at hand …

Amelia Ravenscroft is the granddaughter of an earl and is desperate to escape her aunt’s home where she has endured a life of drudgery, whilst fighting off the increasingly bold advances of her lecherous cousin.  She boldly proposes a marriage of convenience.

And Amelia soon proves herself a perfect fit for the role of Lady Demarr­­­. But James has doubts and his blossoming feelings are blighted by suspicions regarding Amelia’s past.

Will they find, all too painfully, that to marry in haste is to repent at leisure?

You cand find it on Amazon here.

My latest novel, The Silent Touch of Shadows, was also released today in Australia and the Australian Romance Readers’ Association (ARRA) very kindly allowed me to guest blog about it – here is the link.  Anyone who is a member of ARRA has a chance to win a copy of the book – just leave a comment on the blog!