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New Author Pics!

Some of us are born photogenic and some are not – I’m definitely one of the latter.  I’ve always hated having my picture taken and it’s very rare that I like any photos of me.  This could have been a problem since I had to have some author photographs, but fortunately there was a solution to hand – her name is Marte Lundby Rekaa.

I first met Marte when she came to take the official pics for RNA awards and parties.  We got chatting since she’s Norwegian and I’m half Swedish (we speak English, funnily enough, even though we can understand each other in our native languages too) and I loved the work she did for the RNA.

When I heard that Marte was offering a special portrait service (called “Promote Me” – see her website here), I decided to take advantage of this.  The results were great (see photo on the right) and I actually liked the images of myself to the extent that when Marte asked if I wanted to do it again, I said yes!

She wanted to try out different things and explore various possibilities with regard to what was suitable for an author photo specifically.  So I arrived at her studio armed with a whole bunch of different outfits and props for us to play around with.  Marte herself already had a huge pink pencil (twice my height almost) and we started off with that, but that didn’t turn out too well, so instead we tried my clothing collection.  It’s amazing what a difference it can make when you wear different colours and also change the background colour and lighting.

I was even more pleased with the results this time and had a very hard time choosing from the contact sheets Marte sent me, so I ended up with a selection of my favourites (although I may have to buy some of the others at a future date).  Here are a couple of them – what do you think?

At the end of the session I decided to turn the tables on Marte and I snapped her with my iPhone – not quite as good, is it 😀  But it was a fun end to an enjoyable session!