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More about RT

I think I have finally got over most of the jet lag so now I can report a bit more from the RT Booklovers Convention.  I think my overall impression was – FUN!  There was so much going on each day that it was almost impossible to take it all in, but I’ve got lots of photos to remind me and I thought I’d share some of them with you.  Here goes:-

Me with a pile of my books

First of all, we were there to spread the word about our books and I very much enjoyed the various signings where I got to talk to the wonderful American readers.  They are so enthusiastic about romance, it was a joy to meet them!

Club RT - a chance to chat to readers

The first thing people say when you mention the RT convention is usually – cover models!  And yes, there were some but I was mostly impressed by their hair.  (The tights, not so much!)

CJ Hollenbach


The parties were great fun, starting with The Red Slipper Lounge – of course I had to wear red shoes!  And the chocolate fountain was to die for!

Red "slippers"

Chocolate fountain - bliss!

Then there was the Ball – we all got to wear our (fake) tiaras and felt like princesses!

The ChocLiteers


And best of all – the Freaky Friday Party!  The table decorations were fantastic and we were glad we’d dressed to suit the occasion.

Freaky Table 1

Freaky Table 2

Freaky Partygoers

On the Saturday we all took part in the Giant Book Fair – and giant it certainly was!  Something like 350 authors all signing books in one place, awesome.

Giant Book Fair

Signing at the Giant Book Fair

And then it was almost time to go home, but not before I’d met some more lovely authors and attended the Harlequin Disco Party with the other ChocLiteers.

All in all, a fantastic week!

Heather Graham and Bobbi Smith

At the Harlequin Party