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Travel Destinations – Kirsty Ferry

We’ve heard about some truly wonderful destinations this past week and today I welcome Kirsty Ferry to tell us about her favourite, which is a bit closer to home but just as lovely:-

Kirsty photo 1I would have to say my favourite holiday destination is Norfolk. We’ve been going to the same cottage every couple of years for almost two decades and it was the first place we took our son on holiday. He was 18 months old and I still remember him quacking at the ducks on the lawn.

Kirsty photo 2‘Our’ cottage is a beautiful converted coaching inn which is practically on the banks of the River Waveney, in a little village called Brockdish, near Diss, on the Norfolk Suffolk border.  It’s a home from home and so lovely to know that when we get there we can just kick back and relax and walk down to feed the descendants of those ducks every night on the riverbank. Even the journey to Brockdish is filled with landmarks we look forward to seeing  and we actually love travelling past the pig farms as we see all the piglets in their little metal tents!

Kirsty photo 3We’re going again  this year and I can’t wait. My latest book is set in Suffolk so it’s definitely an area full of inspiration as well. Plus there’s a very poor Internet connection in the cottage so there’s no excuse for not writing a little bit on the evenings if I get the chance! 

That does sound beautiful and very relaxing – thank you, Kirsty!


Kirsty coverKirsty’s novel Some Veil Did Fall is set in Whitby, another fabulous UK travel destination which I’d love to visit soon!

Please come back tomorrow to hear from Liz Harris, who likes her holidays hot!